February 7, 2023

I slept somewhat well, although there was some anxiety about getting home as soon as possible so that I could take care of the animals and still make it to Tamarac. We got up and were on the road by 7:30am, got gas and drove to Brainerd. I switched into my car in Brainerd and then drove home (with a quick stop at Burger King for an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with some hash browns) where I fed the chickens and cats, then changed and drove to Tamarac in time to help with two of the three groups for the day. Afterwards I helped clean up and visited with other staff for a while, before going to Frazee Family Foods and getting an avocado, bagels, and a pizza for dinner for the next few days. Then I went and visited Jana and Grandpa before going home, visiting with Mom and Dad, then cleaning my apartment before bed.