New York Trip Week 2

 Sunday: This morning I got up and got ready very quickly so that I could leave for church with Kim and Sean at 8:15 am. The church service was nice, although much faster than I expected, and it was only about 30 or 45 minutes long. After church, we stopped at Freedom Farm to get some fresh milk, and then back to camp where I had a meeting with Kevin at noon about his vision for my position. After our meeting, I went and had lunch with Kim and Sean, and then worked on my laptop until 6 pm, when I went swimming with Jack and Elias and a friend of theirs, Noah. After swimming, I went and got changed, then prepared to greet the bus with the rest of the summer staff. Once they arrived, they had to get settled into their cabins, and then we had pizza for dinner with a few ice breakers and then played some volleyball. We then went to a staff meeting to talk a bit about expectations for the week, and then had a campfire with some songs and talking before bed. 

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Monday: I slept pretty poorly, unfortunately, but still was able to get up and take a shower before breakfast, which was waffles with all the toppings. We had a short staff meeting, and then Nehemiah, Yolani, and myself all left for our lifeguarding class. We were in the pool for nearly 5 hours and then didn’t get back to camp until 5:30 pm. However, we all were able to learn the basics of lifeguarding and get our First Aid / CPR / AED certifications. We had chicken parmesan for dinner (except Chris, the head cook, made some eggplant parmesan for us vegetarians). At this moment I was regretting taking the lifeguarding position as I really wanted to get to know the other staff, and realized I was going to be missing a lot of staff training. After dinner, we played kickball for an hour and then had a tractor hayride around camp as a tour. After the ride, we had our nightly campfire, and I was asked to lead a short devotional so I talked to everyone about the importance of community. After the campfire, we all hung out and talked for about an hour, and then went to bed. 


Tuesday: I got up and went to staff devotion right away at 8:00 am in the morning, but unfortunately only 2 other people had gotten up, so we didn’t really do a ton of devotional stuff. We had breakfast and then left immediately for lifeguard training. Thankfully today we finished by around noon, so we could make it back for lunch and afternoon staff training. The only condition was before dinner, the three of us had to go to the pool and practice by ourselves. After we did our training, we had dinner and played some gaga ball, and then had a bit of downtime before the campfire so I went for a short hike on some of the trails. After the campfire, we just hung out and talked a bit before I went and finished a little bit of work on my computer before bed. 

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Wednesday: I had to get up early this morning so I could take the photos of some staff members who were leaving and wouldn’t be around for a while, and then went to staff devotions at 8 am but once again no one was there. After devotions, we had breakfast and a meeting about New York’s Sexual Harassment Laws. We had a quick lunch afterward, and then Nemo, Yolani, and I left for our lifeguard training. We only had one skill left to learn, so we went through it and then went over everything we had learned again before going to a cabin to take our lifeguard exam. I felt the exam was fairly easy, and we all passed and were certified, lifeguards. We drove back to camp and then had to take covid tests because unfortunately one of the groups that had been visiting found out they had some members with covid. After dinner, we had to sit and learn about the Anabaptist history and how we are supposed to talk to campers about faith during camp. We played steal the bacon afterward, but it was not what I was expecting at all as they play it one-hand touch rather than tackle. We also played some football, and then had a campfire which lasted until it was time to go to sleep. 

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Thursday: I was really excited when I woke up today because it was going to be my first full day at camp with the other staff. We got up and had staff devotions again at 8 am followed by breakfast. We had some different things we did that morning including a tour of the camp dumpsters and a talk with Sean about taking care of the camp facilities. We then had to clean the Camp Deerpark bus so that after lunch we could go rafting on the Delaware River. The rafting was okay, although I definitely found it slow and a little boring compared to the Otter-tail River. After rafting, we all got cleaned up and took showers, and then it was time for staff photos, which I was in charge of. We took a group picture, as well as headshots for the staff, and then had a quick dinner before one final staff campfire. After the campfire, I worked on my laptop while some others watched a movie together, and then finally made it to bed around 2 am. 


Friday - We got up at 8 am and had our final staff devotion of the week. Breakfast was cereal and bagels, then I had to finish up some photo stuff for camp quickly. The health department came out and gave a presentation on ticks and bat-borne illnesses. After the presentation, we cleaned our cabins and had lunch, and then had our final session about camper awards and I played a slideshow I had made. Then all the people who go home for the weekend loaded on the bus and left. I went to my office and worked on some stuff for a while, then watched stranger things season 4 for a few hours, then my housemate brought someone to visit so I said hello to him and talked for a while, before going to bed. 


Saturday - I slept in until 11 and then went to my office to get some work done until lunch. After lunch, I just hung out in my office and then had to lifeguard the pool from 2 until around 4. After lifeguarding, I went and got Jack and Elias and one of their friends and we went swimming for a little bit, then went and got dinner, and then Kim and Sean had some rhubarb pie and homemade ice cream that I ate and was really good. We all played some Mario kart for a few hours, and then I went with Kevin and Nayeli and Yolani and Karla to Walmart to get some stuff and then went home and went to bed.