A Day of Firsts

Today was a really interesting day of firsts for me. I woke up at 9am for my first day as an employee of Tabor College. I applied for a got a job as a student photographer working under Mike, and had my first day today as second shooter for a cross country meet. Johnna had said she wanted to come with so I called her and then we drove to the meet together. There were only two races, one for women (5k) and one for men (8k). One of the Tabor girls finished 3rd overall, but the men's race didn't go so well. We got back to campus around noon and went and got Wendy's for lunch to celebrate my first day of work. Afterwards, I went to Rhubarb Market with Caleb and Collin where we had smoothies and discussed some potential graphic design projects. I went over to Johnna's dorm and watched Netflix with her until she had to go to work, then watched Netflix in my dorm until I felt motivation to shower and start work on a paper due in 48 hours. It was my first time feeling like a real college students as I made myself a sandwich and grabbed a can of soda out of my fridge to sit down at my desk.