September 14 2020

Once again we are back to Monday. Not much happened today... I had a 9am class, so I had breakfast with Johnna before, but my breakfast (Strawberry yogurt with pineapple chunks) made me feel a little sick. After my class, I had chapel, which was actually super good today, and then an interview to join SP&D (Share, Prayer, & Dare), a student led worship ministry on campus. My interview ended up lasting almost an hour, and then I'll find out in a few weeks. Johnna and I went and had lunch, and then afterwards I went back to my dorm and practiced guitar until my 2pm online class. We have a big paper coming up soon which is what we were talking about in class today. Afterwards I had choir rehearsal which was outside, because we have two concerts coming up soon and they both will be outside while the weather still is nice (middle of October) and then after choir I went and practiced more guitar. I went and had dinner with a bunch of friends, and then we all played Sea of Thieves together until 9:30pm, when I went to Dollar General with Johnna to get some snacks before bed. 

This picture is my shelf after I cleaned it