August 31 2020

Today was a Monday and wow I had forgotten how much I hate Mondays. Thankfully, they are pretty empty for me, with only 3 classes. I had a pretty good day, and then after class Collin and I had to go to Dollar General so he could buy some more milk, and on the way back to campus we drove past this house that is for sale for $20k. My goal is to have bought my first house before I'm done with college, so I took a picture and just am keeping in the back of my mind. After dinner, I was hanging out with Johnna, but then apparently her car battery had died, so we went out and jumped it with my car so she could get it charged back up. Then we went to Wendy's and got frosties where they accidentally gave us an extra free one. Around 8:30 Collin, Caleb, and I all took my recycling to the recycling center, and then I filled up my car with gas and cleaned our dorm room. It felt like a very productive evening. But it was only 8:30pm so I went and played sand volleyball with a bunch of people for a few hours, then spent some time in a practice room before going to bed.