August 29 2020

Today was a really perfect Saturday. Collin and I slept in until almost 11am, and then it was raining out, but we made our way to the cafeteria where they had spicy chicken sandwiches for lunch which were soooo good. After lunch Johnna came over to my dorm and we hung out for awhile and played GTA5 together. Later in the afternoon it started to get sunny again, so we went hammocking and did some other stuff outside. Thelma (Johnna's roommate) is gone for the weekend, so then we went to her dorm and watched the new Star Wars after getting snacks which was so good. Honestly, I would rate it as the best Star Wars movie yet, but I think you could only rank it that way if you've been very emotionally invested into all the other movies as well. We had dinner together, stayed up late hanging out, and then I went back to my dorm and went to bed.