August 24 2020

Today was my first Monday going back to school and to be completely honest, I had forgotten how much I hated Mondays. It was one of those days where you kind of just trudged through classes, but eventually I got through them, and then after my last class at 4pm, Caleb and I went for a 2-mile run, in 95 degree sun which was a poor choice, but we did it. After I got all cleaned up, all the Tabor20 scholarship winners met up at Sonic where Tabor treated us to any ice cream or drink. I had a medium Strawberry Cheesecake shake which was really good, but almost too big for me. After we finished hanging out at Sonic, we went back to Johnna's dorm where we watched Ratatouille, and then went on a walk with Thelma before bed. 

Having a mix of online and in-person classes is getting taking used to