August 19 2020

I got up and had breakfast with Johnna this morning at 8:15am, and then we both had 9am classes. I had Music Theory at 9am and chapel at 10am, and then I played video games until noon when I had lunch with Johnna. After lunch, I had an online class at 2pm (it is kinda confusing because the class is 3 days per week, and I'm only online 2 of the 3, the 3rd one being in person). I had to leave around 2:30pm and Johnna brought me to the hospital to have a small surgical procedure on my shoulder. I got a part of it cut out and the doctor here was really cool and even took pictures and videos for me. Afterwards I had Johnna take me to get ice cream at Sonic and then we went back and had dinner at Tabor before I came and hung out at their dorm room until 10ish. Also I shaved before bed so I no longer have as much hair as in the picture.