August 17 2020

Today was kinda the first day of classes except it wasn't. Instead it was a bit of finishing up registration that hadn't gotten wrapped up the earlier day and then an activity with our O-group after lunch called "Where's My Class" in which we basically walked around and found our classes. At 2:30, I had an audition with the voice instructor where He essentially got a feel for my voice and then scheduled our time for lessons. Afterwards I spent some time in my dorm playing video games and getting ready for tomorrow. We had dinner outside this evening, and then I went over to Thelma and Johnna's dorm because it was the first evening with open hours. From now on we can go in each others dorms Monday-Thursday 5-11pm, Friday 5-12am, and Saturday 1pm-12am. We can't on Sunday however. After I saw their dorm, they came and saw ours, and then we all hung out for awhile before bed.