August 16 2020

This morning we had to get up for church under the bleachers, which they were having outside because of Covid. After church we all went to Wendy's for lunch, and then there was an orientation activity, which ended up being really dumb and just doing a scavenger hunt all over town in 90 degree weather. Afterwards, I got cleaned up and then Johnna and I went to Newton to look for some jobs and get ice cream. We stopped by two different hotels, one which was really expensive but was only hiring a 11pm-7am shift. It is really tempting because it would pay really well, and it's front desk so I could get all my homework done overnight, but it would probably absolutely destroy any hope of a healthy sleep schedule. We then went to Bruam's and got churro ice cream which was really good, and then came back to campus in time for dinner. After dinner, we had a Tabor safe lecture which was essentially about rape and sexual harassment on campus. Then there was movie on the lawn, which we were watching but it started to storm so we had to quit half way through the movie. Collin, Caleb, Will, and I all played video games until about midnight, then went to sleep.