August 15 2020

This morning we got up and went to breakfast at like 8am. I took a shower before but it was really quickly. Breakfast was good, and then we had all sorts of orientation stuff all day, including Covid training, Tech 101, and Communication 101 which was just about the history of Tabor. After lunch, we had our full registration and financial settlement which took a long time and was really boring. We had free time until dinner, and then after dinner they had a bunch of activities which Collin, Caleb, Will, and I all skipped because they were games that included getting dirty. We played video games for awhile, and then I went and spent some time in one of the practice rooms in the music center, which are open from like 6am to 11pm. After that, I spent some time hanging out with Johnna and then went back to the dorm where we all watched Aladdin.