August 14 2020

Today when I woke up, my stress levels had skyrocketed through the roof. I got cleaned up at the hotel and then grabbed some breakfast on the way out. We only had about 5 more hours of driving, so we had to get going right away. We stopped by Beatrice for lunch, where I had a $10 Dairy Queen gift card that I used. We got to Tabor around 2:15, which was perfect because my check-in time was 2:30. We walked around a little, took some pictures, and then went to get me checked in. I ended up getting to skip the entire testing process because I already had Covid, so instead of taking me the estimated 90 minutes to check in, it took less than 10. We got a ride to my dorm in a golf cart, and then Caleb, Collin, and Will were all already there, so they helped me bring all my stuff in. I'm sharing a dorm with Collin, and it's actually really big with even a sink. I had to say goodbye to Mom and Dad pretty quickly, and I was really proud of myself for only crying a little. Our schedule for orientation weekend started pretty quickly after that. We had dinner on the lawn, and then they had a whole ton of different lawn games set up for all the freshmen to play, but after awhile Collin and I went back to our dorm to play video games instead. Our dorm situation is actually pretty nice because it's only 1 toilet and 1 shower shared between 7 guys. I slept well that night but was a little stressed for the weekend still.