August 11 2020

Today was the big move day! I got up this morning and showered, and then laid around feeling a little sad for awhile. I didn't want to leave now that it was actually time to, but I knew I had to. I started packing while taking a lot of breaks, because it actually was a lot of work. I hadn't realized I had brought so much stuff when I moved, but now that I had to go through it, it felt like a lot more. At 1pm, I went over and tuned Rick and Erin's piano. It only took me about an hour, and she ended up paying me $100 so it was a pretty good deal. I did as best I could, but it probably won't last too long because their house is so humid. After I finished there, I continued packing at my house. Johnna came over and stopped by and then Mom came on her way home from work and helped bring some stuff home. I finally finished packing and then went home for good. It was a really sad moment, but life goes on. At home I had some dinner that Dad had made quickly, and then I went to vote and swung by Grandpa and Nana's house to say hi. Then once we got home, I cleaned up and went to bed.