August 09 2020

Today was my last Sunday at Strawberry Lake, and their first Sunday meeting together again since the Covid wave in this area. I got there at 9:50am and already had a few people there for the 10am practice time. I got everything set up and then once the team got there I ran through the music with them and talked to everyone about how we would be following the new laws while also making everyone feel respected. It's really been so nice working at a place with people like Justin and Delmer who are more focused on doing what is right than doing what is comfortable. After church, I went and picked up Johnna from her house (she had come to church with me but drove separately) and then we ran over to my house so I could change before going to Pat and John's. They were having their Family Easter except in August because of the Stay-at-home order in April, and I had somehow gotten invited. It was really fun, and they had hidden Easter baskets for every single person there (which was quite a few- Jesse and Rhonda's family, Justin and Kerry's family, Jake and Nicole's family, and Jared and Courtney's family). Around 4:30pm, I gave Johnna a ride home because she was going to spend the evening with some friends and then I just watched TV and chilled the rest of the evening.