August 08 2020

This morning started off fairly quickly. It was raining which was nice, but caused me to wake up around 6 am and then I had trouble getting back to sleep. I got up and dressed eventually and then went over to the Swiers house where Rhonda gave me a breakfast burrito while I waited for Johnna to get ready. She finally did and we went over to Larry and Kaye's again but this time just to get some totes because I needed somewhere to put all the junk I was bringing to college. After we got the totes, I dropped Johnna off and then went to Justin and Kerry's to get some stuff that we had left there the other night when we were with Ron and Karri. I swung by Richwood on my way home, and then went back to my house. Ron and Karri and their entire family was leaving to go camping for the week, so I had to say goodbye to them which was really sad and I cried a little because they've been a second family to me this summer. After I got over myself, I got cleaned up and then had a lesson with my voice coach before meeting Johnna, Janessa, Mike, Kylie, & Andrew in town. We went to Bleachers for dinner, but the burger I got was the driest piece of meat I've ever tasted and everything else was so greasy it made me want to throw up, on top of none of the staff following the MN mask mandate. After dinner, we went back to my place and Bradly showed up as well and we all played board games until around 11pm when I kicked everyone out so I could go to bed.