August 06 2020

This morning was Dad's birthday, so I got up around 8am and drove to Mom and Dad's house. We started out the day by going to Ace Hardware to get him a fishing license and some root beers. Then we went to Rose Lake where He left me and Jana and Tevia to hang out while He finished up some stuff at camp. After he was back, we went fishing over on Jim Lake. He fished out of the front of the canoe while Rosie and I paddled around for a few hours. Afterwards, I had to leave for my voice lesson, but made a quick stop at Walmart to return a part I had bought for my PC but didn't need anymore. Then I had my voice lesson which went really well. I went home and got some quick rest before we had MYF at 7:30pm. It wasn't a typical youth group night, but instead was only the seniors for our last time going out together with Ron and Karri. It ended up being only me, Johnna, Phoenix, Gabe, Ron & Karri, and Ben, but we still had a pretty good time. We went and visited Delmer and Tammy, Rhonda and Jess, Justin and Kerry, and then went to Zorbaz for dinner. As soon as we got home, I fell into bed and was practically asleep.