August 03 2020

Today was kind of a special day because I decided I wanted to take Johnna on a date so I did (I guess it's not really that special but it was fun). She came over at 9:30 and after a quick talk about the day, we got in her car and drove off. Our first stop was Khavila in Menahga, but my GPS took us on a weird road where we ended up getting stuck in a construction zone and needed a backhoe thing to pull us out. We were only 30 minutes behind schedule so we went and picked up our food, and then ate it next to the river in Park Rapids. I got an avocado bacon wrap and she had a Caesar chicken wrap. After lunch, we went over to the path to Dorset and I taught her how to longboard. We went just over a mile and a half before we turned around and took a quick rest before going back to Detroit Lakes. We needed to stop by the bank for her. After the bank, we went to the Boys & Girls club because she needed something nice to wear for dinner, and then she decided to wait in the car and take a nap while I had a lesson with my voice coach. Afterwards, we went to Grandpa and Nana's and said hi to everyone who was there, and then stopped by Mom and Dad's house so I could grab some computer parts that came in the mail and change. After we changed, we went to say hi to Tevia at work, and then went to Spanky's. We got really good onion rings, and then I got Seafood Alfredo Pasta and Johnna got an 8oz Steak with fries, and then we shared a fudge sundae for desert. After Spanky's we went on a walk in Vergas while the sun set and then we went home.