July 29 2020

This morning I got up and the first thing I started doing was cleaning, because Johnna and all my family were going to come over for dinner tonight. I had already made most of the rice, so once I cleaned everything there wasn't much left to do. I watched some TV, and played some video games, and then got cleaned up a bit before Johnna came over. We started cooking pretty much right away, and wow did it smell good. We made fried chicken breasts, chicken fried rice, Caesar salad, and then ice cream with fresh raspberries for desert. Mom, Dad, Jana, and Tevia all came around 6:40pm and we ate outside on the deck, and then I showed Mom and Dad my apartment and we all hung out for a little while before they left. Johnna and I watched some TV before she had to leave, and then I was going to clean all the dishes but I was too tired so I just went to bed instead. Unfortunately I didn't remember to take a picture of the food, just of the dishes afterwards.