July 26 2020

This morning I slept in pretty late and it was a really restful sleep which was nice because I haven't gotten that in awhile. Johnna and Bradly picked me up around 9:50am to go to church with them, because Strawberry Lake is still not holding services. We got to church, and my family was the only one wearing masks which was very disappointing after the mask mandate that came out yesterday requiring masks be work while in indoor public places, and I even was told by someone there that I should just cover my eyes too because it was a government scam. Was a good reminder of the toxic environment that caused me to be forced to leave. After church I went to the park in Detroit Lakes with the Swiers and we played some frisbee golf and had tacos for lunch, and then once Mike (Janessa's boyfriend) showed up, we all went to Maplewood State park, where once they got their campers set up, we played some board games, went hiking, and then had dinner. After dinner, we all sat around the campfire and talked until about 10:30pm, and then Mike drove me back to DL where we sat in his car and talked for about 45 minutes before I drove the rest of the way home.