July 19 2020

Today there was no church at Strawberry Lake because of the Covid outbreak, and from what I've heard, there likely won't be for another few weeks. I got up around 9am and got dressed up to go to Lake Region instead. I got there and it was another bit of an awkward experience once again being the only one wearing a mask or acting like Covid even existed, but then after church I drove home with Jana and Tevia. Mom made nachos and hot dogs for lunch, and then afterwards I hung out with Dad while Jana and Tevia went to a party. After they got back, we changed into our swimsuits and then went to Frazee Family Foods to get snacks before meeting Johnna at K&K tubing. We took about a 2-hour tube down the river that was really fun, and then Johnna came over to my apartment where we hung out for about two hours before she went home. I was fairly tired, so went straight to bed.