July 17 2020

This morning I woke up and then just fell back into bed again... I seem to be having a lot of those days. I eventually forced myself to get up and meditated for awhile before making myself some avocado toast except with a bagel. After breakfast, I watched some TV while also slowly cleaning my entire apartment, washing all my dishes, and doing some different things to get ready for college. I had to talk to like 5 different people, but I eventually got signed up for private voice lessons in college which are free included with my tuition. Johnna came over after she finished work and we decided to go on a fun date. She had gotten us a book with like 50 dates where you scratch off the label once you choose one and it tells you what you have to do. The one we did today was to have a picnic on a lake, so we went to Richwood store and got a bunch of snacks, and then ate them on the raft. After we ate, we got cleaned up and then went to her house for dinner with her family and Mike. After dinner, we hung out for awhile and then she brought me home.