July 02 2020

This morning started off well but little did I know it was going to end in an absolute trash pile mess. I got up and cleaned my apartment really nicely, and then went over to see Johnna and have some snacks because I was hungry but I didn't have anything I felt like eating. Johnna was going to hang out with a friend in the afternoon so I went back to my apartment, and then went to the church early to try and figure out some of the issues with the sound system that they have. I got most everything sorted out, and then I had a guitar lesson and rehearsal at the church. Afterwards, Mom called me and let me know that the people in Brainerd have Corona so I was most likely exposed to it, which really annoyed me, so I just went home and quarantined. I guess I won't be able to leave now until either 14 days or I get Corona so hopefully I find something to do. The picture for today is from when we went to Brainerd the other day.