June 24 2020

This morning when I woke up, Johnna was already making herself comfortable in my apartment and getting ready for FaithFront Online day 2. I jumped out of bed and took a quick shower before joining her on the couch. The first session of today was with Trent Voth, who I met last year and have talked with quite a lot throughout the year, and he was talking about our strengths, specifically based off of the Clifton StrengthsFinder test that we all took. It was a really good time talking with him again, and then we had a little break for lunch before talking to him some more. We broke out into virtual groups to talk with each other and the rest of the afternoon went by really quickly. We got done around 4:30, and then Johnna and I had dinner and took a quick nap/played Minecraft before we went to Lake Region to help with some clean up stuff. After we finished at the church, I rode back to Mom and Dad's house with Dad so that I could get my car from their house, as it had been in the shop getting the tires fixed. After spending a little while at their house, I drove home and played a little TeamFortress 2 before going to bed.