June 23 2020

This morning I had my alarm set for 8am because it was the first day of FaithFront Online. I got up, showered, did some light cleaning, and then walked over to Johnna's house. We had our first session at 9am, and the day started off great. We had an intro session, and then some interesting activities that included making abstract drawings. We had another session, and then Rhonda made us lunch before an activity including making a poem. Minecraft updated to version 1.16 today, so a bunch of us from FaithFront who all play together got online during the break and explored some of the new features. After the break, we had another session with Author and Speaker Timothy Anthony. He was extremely good, and really inspiring. We took a break for supper, and then had one last session with Timothy before it was time to call it for the night. Johnna and I talked for awhile and then I walked back to the apartment for the night. I worked on my journal for awhile, finished some church stuff, and then went to bed.