June 22 2020

One thing I love about Monday's is they always feel like the start of a new week and the time to make any changes in your life- Johnna and I made a changed today, by working out together. We decided we both needed to be healthier, so she came over around 9 and we made a list of workout options, and then rolled a digital dice to see what we would do- we ended up playing Just Dance until I was sweaty really badly, and then got cleaned up before lunch. I did some laundry, and then we had to watch a documentary on the Shackleton adventure for FaithFront, which is being held digitally tomorrow starting at 9am. I'm really excited about it but also really sad it isn't being held in person this year. Around 2:30 we drove over to her house and I dropped her off, and then we went to Walmart together. Johnna wanted to get a Roku, so we got one and then went to my voice lesson. My lesson went really well for me, although I believe Johnna was a little bored sitting in the car, despite my offers for her to come inside. Afterwards, we drove to Wahpeton for one of Bradly's baseball games. It lasted a lot longer than I thought it would and was kinda boring, but that is just my opinion on all sports. Afterwards, Johnna and I had dinner at a Fryin' Pan restaurant and then got gas before driving home. I dropped Johnna and her car off at her house, then walked home in the dark and the fireflies were absolutely amazing on my walk. Once I got home, I played Minecraft for awhile waiting to see if the newest big update would come out at midnight, but once it didn't, I went to bed.