June 20 2020

Today started out on a not wonderful note; I had cramps and a little bit of morning sickness. Johnna came over and talked about life for awhile, and then I brought my car into the Subaru garage to get the tire checked out. It turned out that the tire was completely shot, and I would have to completely replace it so I scheduled an appointment to get it changed on the 30th. After my visit at the Subaru garage, I decided to swing by Taco Johns because I hadn't in a really long time, and it was well worth it for how good it tasted. I got back to my house and started cleaning some more as it somehow became a little bit of a mess over the last day, and then Johnna came over and brought me a violin that she had gotten at a garage sale as a gift for me. It is really nice and I'm really looking forward to learning how to play it. I finished cleaning, and then Janessa came over to see my apartment and stayed for dinner, and we just ended up hanging out and talking for a few hours, and then I played Minecraft and gave Logan a guitar lesson before heading to bed around 11pm since I have to work both at church and Ecumen tomorrow.