June 19 2020

I woke up this morning feeling great, like it was going to be the best of my life. After sleeping in until almost 9:30, I showered and got in my car to drive back to Mom and Dad's. As soon as I got past Richwood, my trouble started. I got pulled over for doing "almost 80" in a 55mph, which is impossible because my car can't accelerate that fast. I got $130 ticket but I can't fight it because the courts are all closed right now anyway. Then I drove the rest of the way to Mom and Dad's where I did some more cleaning downstairs and cleaned out my car. Dad and I went to see Jana at work, and then I went over to visit Grandpa and Nana. Around 3pm, I got called into work for what was only supposed to be until 6:30pm, but ended up having to stay until 7:30, and then when I got back out to my car, my tire flat, so I had to change that in the parking lot. I finally got my tire changed and was heading home around 8pm where MYF was happening. I showered and shaved before going to join everyone. I got to go waterskiing for the first time this year and it was actually really relaxing which was nice. Afterwards we did some music and then I went back into town where a bunch of us were supposed to meet because we were going to Fargo together for the evening, but almost everyone cancelled on us, so it was just me and Johnna and Megan for a little while. We went to Burger King instead of Fargo because we didn't want to go all the way to just get a cheeseburger if it was just us, and then went back home for the evening because I was ready for this day to be over.