June 18 2020

Today was supposed to be a pretty relaxing and laid back day, but as usual, it never ends up being that way. I woke up this morning and got some cleaning done, and had breakfast. I watched a little bit of TV, and then I had to go into town to work at noon. I swung by WalMart first to grab some stuff, then got to work 2 minutes late. The shifts were split up really oddly, so I ended up working from 12pm to 6pm. I got off right at 6, and quickly drove home to get ready for practice. I had to be at the church at 6:45 to get ready for a guitar lesson at 7pm, and then we had rehearsal at 7:30. Rehearsal went well and fairly quickly, and then I stopped by Johnna's house because she had made pasta and I hadn't had dinner yet. She came back to my house with me, and we watched TV for awhile. I got an Xbox controller for my computer so I can play games from my couch, so I got that setup, then played for awhile before bed.