June 16 2020

This morning me and Jana and Tevia all slept in a bit, but it was so hot already that it was difficult to get any sort of rest. Reminded us of sleeping in Honduras, where by the time you woke up, it was already a scorcher outside. They got cleaned up while I made pancakes, and then we all ate breakfast together. After breakfast we talked a bit and Tevia went for a 4wheeler ride with Brock and Jana and I watched some more Netflix until about lunch time. For lunch, I cooked up some leftover chicken breasts I had in my freezer and made chicken tacos with some various ingredients. Having Jana and Tevia here for just three meals already cleaned out my food supplies so I'll have to go grocery shopping again soon. I had to work at 2:45, so Jana and Tevia left around 2pm, and then Johnna swung by to say hello before I left for work. At work, I had to do a test on the lift since I just turned 18, and I passed so now I can use the lifts by myself for people who only require a 1 person assist. It was Ethar and I working together all night, so the shift went fairly quickly, and we found ways to entertain ourselves. Finally 10:30pm rolled around and we were able to go home. I had to stop for gas on my way home, and then I took a quick shower and did some voice exercises before heading to bed. 

I'm hoping to record some music soon and post it on here so you'll be able to tell how much my voice lessons have been paying off. 

One of the tacos I made for lunch

A frog that was sitting outside my door when I got home from work.