June 15 2020

This morning I slept in a little bit, and then got up and started doing some cleaning. Around 9am, Johnna came over and we watched some shows on Netflix and ate cereal together like we always do. The morning wasn't too interesting and so I mostly just did some church stuff and cleaning. At 3pm, I had to go to Lake Park as I am doing voice lessons there still. I accidentally took a back road which was gravel and super washboardy but I got there right on time. My lesson went really well and then afterwards, I ran to WalMart and picked up some frozen pizzas and mixed vegetables. When I got back to the apartment, Johnna was there doing a Tabor meeting online that I was supposed to attend as well, but got back just as it was ending. Then a few minutes later, Jana and Tevia showed up. They had come to spend the night, so I had washed all the sheets on the bed and had to go find them and bring them back upstairs. We ate dinner with Johnna, and then she left and Jana, Tevia, and myself all watched Outer Banks as they really wanted to finish the first season, so we did before bed.