June 11 2020

This morning I allowed myself to sleep in slightly, but I am still getting used to the sun coming in the windows at daybreak. I started out my day by doing some cleaning and getting my apartment all tidied up; there isn't much to do but I still swept and vacuumed everything. Then I worked on finishing up my virtual choir project that I started awhile ago. It is almost done, I just have some files to finish syncing up and then I'm ready for mixing. Afterwards, I went outside and played football with one of the kids of the people who I'm renting from- then Johnna came over and brought some lunch with her so we ate together before I got back to work. At 6:30p, I left for the church where I had a guitar lesson with a new student before practice for worship this Sunday. The sound system at the church is a little shaky, so my hope is to get over there sometime this week and work on fixing everything up and making it like new. After practice I took a song book back to the apartment to start digitalizing their song library- my hope is that by the end of June, everyone will be on board with using Planning Center and I will be able to create a full schedule for their team through winter break, which is the next time I would be back. After finishing with that, I watched Merlin on Netflix for a short while before a shower and bed.