June 09 2020

Today I moved into my first apartment. I got up and did some packing of my belongings this morning, and then I left our house with my 2008 Subaru Legacy filled to the full with all sorts things. I arrived at my destination of the apartment I was moving into above a garage in Strawberry Lake very quickly, with it only being 40 minutes from Mom and Dad's house. Johnna came over to help me unpack all of my stuff, as the apartment is right next door to their house. We finished getting me all moved in, and then watched TV for a short while until she had to go to work. After Johnna left for work, I cleaned a bit more, and then went back to Mom and Dad's to get some more stuff and do some cleaning. I had dinner with Mom and Jana and Tevia, and then I went to Wal-Mart to go grocery shopping for myself for the very first time. I bought some extra clothes hangers and soap for in the shower and a 20 pound bag of rice and an 89 cent loaf of bread. I only got a basket and didn't want to go get a cart so tomorrow I'll have to go back for mayonnaise, butter, and some chips maybe. I'm trying not to spend a lot of money but it's a lot harder than I thought. Once I got back to my apartment I finished cleaning and setting up some things and then relaxed a bit before bed. 

In total, I spent $98 today on a full tank of gas and groceries. 

A film picture of the house I'm staying in from a few months ago that I took. The window above the garage is the apartment that I'm living in. It is a studio but quite large.