June 08 2020

Today I turned 18 years old. I stayed up until midnight and then laid in bed, thinking. 18 years; the end of the beginning of my life. When I woke up again in the morning, it just felt like another day. I got up and took a shower just like my usual routine, and got ready for my day. I had a few things I had ordered arrive in the mail, and then waited for people to come over. Johnna came over first, and I talked to her about my feelings until Grandpa and Nana, and Jeremy, Sherri, Steven, Dawson, and Nova came over. We had hamburgers for lunch which were really good, and then I opened the gifts I had been given before playing with the boys for awhile. Johnna took me to Fargo, where she had a really fun day planned, as well as giving me 18 different presents, one for each year of my life. We went mini-golfing, and then to Krolls Diner where I hadn't been since I went with Grandpa Bruce and Great-Grandma Ann when I was only ten or eleven (I don't remember exactly when, I was just very young). Afterwards, we went walking in Lindenwood Park, before going to Mexican Village to have dinner. I had a frybread taco, which to date is still one of the best tacos I've ever had, except they put a little too much meat for my liking on this one. After dinner, we drove back to DL and Johnna dropped me off at home where I took a shower, did a little more cleaning, and then went to bed, exhausted, but very happy.