November 10, 2019 

College Church

This morning we got to sleep in, as the church that my roommates go to (Thomas Road) had multiple services, and they go to the 11am service. We left the dorms around 10:30am, with 7 of us cramming into a 5 passenger car (two in the trunk). We drove over to the church, and the service was really great. Half way through, the pastor's mic went out (and this was in a mega church), and so the pastor just yelled for the rest of the sermon. Then afterwards, we all went back and went to lunch together, before having to say goodbye to Mark and Hailey, as they both flew back then. For the rest of the afternoon I just hung out with people and worked on stuff on my computer, before trying to go to bed early, as I have to fly out at 5:11am in the morning.