November 09, 2019 

Rend Collective 

This morning I slept in a little bit later than before, and then went and got breakfast. Because it's Saturday, none of the students had class, and some of them were gone for the weekend. I had breakfast with one of the friend's I made, Aiden, and then two of his friends joined us as well before we all went to another concert, this one similar to the one the night before except with a full choir (170 people maybe) as well as a full orchestra. It was an amazing concert, and then afterwards, I went back to the dorm to grab my computer, before going to the cafeteria with my friend Mark. We had food and talked about the Bible for awhile, and then I sat and did devotions while eating for about an hour before Hailey came and joined me. We went back to the dorms common area around 5, and worked on more homework, and then a bunch of us met up to go to the Rend Collective concert at 7pm. The stadium was literally right across the sidewalk from the dorms we were staying in, so we went right over. A country singer opened for them, and we were right next to the stage (where the volume was hitting 100.8 dB) and I didn't really care for her music, but then Rend Collective came out and it was a BOP. As soon as they finished playing, we ran back to the dorms to get our stuff, and then went to the ice rink, which had a late night free skate from 10-12pm. We skated until right up to midnight, and then went back to the dorms, said some goodbyes to people who were leaving that night, and went to bed. 

Aiden (Virginia), Hailey (California), me, and Anelle (Michigan)