November 08, 2019 

Visiting Classes

Today was a little special, as we got to go sit in on classes that were related to our interested majors. I got up at 7 and met a friend I made last night and we went and got breakfast together, and then went to a music theory class that I was interested in. Afterwards, we met up with another friend, and went and had second breakfast before going to Convocation. It was really good, with a special message about helping the least of these. Afterwards, we went to lunch, and then I went to a guided tour of the music building. Afterwards, I took about a 15 minute break, before heading to my music audition, which would determine my eligibility for certain music scholarships and grants. The audition was very laid back, and they just asked me a bunch of theory and chord questions, and then asked me to play for awhile, and followed that up with some theology questions. Then they prayed with me before asking me to fill out some paperwork and sending me on my way. Afterwards, I went and got dinner, before going back to the music center for a concert, which was super interesting and was like a mix of worship music and classical orchestra and gospel music with a choir. Following the concert, I went back to the dorms to grab some stuff, and then went to a late night worship experience with some friends from 9-11pm. Along the way, I met a new friend who was from Fergus Falls. The worship night was super amazing, and then afterwards I went back to the dorm and fell asleep right away.