November 07, 2019 

First Day of CFAW

This morning I woke up at 6:30 am with my roommate (Andrésto get up and go watch the sunrise. Technically, CFAW (College For A Weekend- the event I was attending) did not start until 3pm, so I had all morning to chill. After Andres and I finished watching the sunrise, I went back to the dorm where I took a shower and got cleaned up, and then went to the library to work on my homework. I got almost all of it done, and then went to the cafeteria with Hailey (my friend from California) to get lunch. We had lunch together, and then went and worked on homework until 2:30, when it was time to go check in as a CFAW student. There were 1500+ CFAW students arriving throughout the day, so it was quite busy there. We had already checked in the day before, so we just had to be there to confirm we attended. Afterwards, I went up to the Liberty Tower and hung out there for awhile, then went to dinner with another friend I had met yesterday. Afterwards, we ran back to the dorms to put on some warmer clothes, and then took the campus bus to the CFAW kickoff, where there was snacks and games until 11pm. We stayed there for awhile, and met some new people, and then went back for the evening. 

The view from the top of the Liberty Tower