November 06, 2019 

Traveling Day 

Although I had my alarm set for 4am this morning, I ended up waking up at 3:30 anyway, which really annoyed me. Once my alarm finally went off at 4, I got up out of bed, dressed and got cleaned up really quickly, and then Chris and I left the house around 4:20. He dropped me off at the airport in Terminal 1 for American Airlines. The TSA line was very short, so I hopped right in, and successfully got through after getting my toothpaste stolen by a grumpy old security guy. I made my way to the gate, and sat there until it started boarding. None of the restaurants were open yet, so I just skipped breakfast. We left the gate right on time, but then had about a 45 minute delay while they de-iced the plane wings. After they finished de-icing the plane, we took off, and got to enjoy a super beautiful sunrise over Minneapolis at 35 thousand feet. The plane arrived right on time somehow in Charlotte North Carolina, but the airport was extremely big, so by the time I found my gate, they were just about to start boarding already. It was a much smaller plane (CRJ-700) but was still a very smooth and short ride. It was about a 30 minute wait on the apron before we could take off just because there were so many planes taking off in Charlotte that we were like number 5 in the line to take off on a particular runway. We landed in Lynchburg a little ahead of schedule, but that was fine as they had taken and checked one of my bags somewhere along the trip, and I needed to go retrieve it. The weather in Lynchburg was 65 and sunny, which was a very pleasant contrast compared to the 27 and snow that I had flown out of in the morning. An extremely kind older guy was sent by Liberty Welcome Center to pick up myself and the one other student that was flying in at the same time. He gave us a bit of a tour from the van as we drove to the campus, and then we went to the welcome center where we got our Flame Passes (basically cards to get us into rooms, the dining hall, everything) and our rooming assignments. We dropped the other girl off at her room place, and then the Welcome Center guy brought me across the street to Walmart to get some of the things that TSA had taken or I had forgotten. He then brought me to the building I was staying in, where I met my host, Andrés. He was VERY excited to see me, and quite possible the most enthusiastic person on campus. He showed me where I would be staying, and then started bringing me on a full tour of the campus (including some places where I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to be) and introduced me to around 50 of his friends. He then took me to get Mongolian, as I hadn't eaten yet all day, and then on to meet more people. We then went back to the building in which I was staying with him and his roommate, and he introduced me to more of his friends, who were the student hosts of my friend from California, so we all hung out together until about 5, when we went to this fast food/gas station place called Sheets which is apparently a huge thing around here. Afterwards we went to Liberty's weekly Bible study called Campus Community where they had a full choir featuring the new Kanye West album, as well as a full worship band. Directly afterwards, we did some other activities, and then went back to our building and all hung out in the commons together until about 11:40, when I went back to the room I am staying in for bed. It will be a long week as all they provide is an inflatable air mat. Thank goodness I brought a blanket. 

Charlotte International Airport

The planes behind us lined up for takeoff.