June 29, 2019 

Driving Home 

This morning I almost slept past my alarm, but instead forced myself to get out of bed and pack all my stuff. I brought it out to my car, and then everyone who was still at Tabor from FaithFront came and said goodbye and they all prayed for me and then I gave them all hugs and was really sad when I left. I got going around 7:30, and stopped once for a bathroom about 2 hours in, and then again for gas in-between Sioux City and Sioux Falls. Other than that, I drove the entire way through. It was a really long day, but I got to Grandpa and Nana's around 6, where Mom and Dad and Jana and Tevia and Jen and Davin and Jevin and Enavi and Grandpa and Nana were all just starting dinner. I ate with them, talked for awhile, and then went home and tried to figure out what exactly just happened over the past week.