June 28, 2019 

The End and Beginning 

We had to get up this morning a little early and make sure the Airbnb was all cleaned and everything was packed. Mike and Jordan had already left to go get breakfast, and then came back to get all of us and our stuff. We went over to the girl's Airbnb to have breakfast and do life groups together, and then we all went out and loaded onto the bus and took off. We went to this big church on the Kansas side of KC where we had a session, played some games, had pizza for lunch, and one last final session, before loading back onto the bus and starting the 3 hour drive back to Hillsboro. After we got there, we unloaded everything, and then the goodbyes started and it was really sad. Me, the people from California, and two of the girls from Hillsboro were all staying on campus one more night, so we went out to Sonic and then to a cool German restaurant with Mike and then to get shaved ice and then just hung out a bunch. Finally, we went to bed around midnight. If I had one way to describe the day, I'd say it ended with my belly full but my heart fuller. 

This is my tree

My new best friends 


The bench at the shaved ice place

The weird German restaurant
Eating at Sonic