June 27, 2019 

Exploring Kansas City 

Today was a really special day, because we got to sleep in. We didn't have to be over at the girl's Airbnb until 8:30, but Jordan, Caleb, and myself all left about 15 minutes before and jogged (uphill the entire way) over to the girl's place. We had breakfast and life groups, and then we went out for a walk to find a place to take group pictures. It was a fun adventure, and then it was over to our Airbnb for session, and then life groups some more where we got really deep with each other and prayed for each other which was really awesome. Afterwards, we all loaded into the bus and headed into the Power and Light district, where we divided up into our life groups and all went to different restaurants. We got to order appetizers as well as up to $15 for our meal, so we had quite a good time. After eating, we talked for awhile longer before going out and exploring Kansas City as a small group. Then we met back at the bus and went over to 18th and Vine where the American Jazz Museum and the Negro League Baseball Museums were located. After spending about 2 hours there, we went over to a world famous bbq place called Arthur Bryant's BBQ. It was pretty good, I think. I only got chicken strips because I was still pretty full from lunch. We then went back to our Airbnb where we talked for awhile before Propaganda showed up and did a session with us about all sorts of crazy things. Afterwards we all took pictures and stuff with him and asked him questions, and then did an evening debrief before going out and playing sand volleyball with a soccer ball for about 30 minutes. Then the girls all went back to their Airbnb and we went to bed, after some nice long talks. 

Our Life Group's lunch in the Power and Light District (Mike, Teegan, Rebecca, me, Macy, and Jason)

Me and Caleb