June 26, 2019 

Time with the Kids 

This morning everyone woke up around 6:45 and we got ready before loading into the van and going over to the girls AirBnB. We had breakfast over there, and then had our life groups for about 45 minutes after breakfast. After eating, we loaded onto the big bus (our charter bus driver has been absolutely amazing this week) and headed over to Urban Christian Academy. It was interesting to watch out the window as we drove, and you were able to see very distinct lines where the living conditions changed. We got to the school and met with Kalie George again (or Miss Kalie) as she was called in the school, and then we went out and spent an hour of recess with the kids (who were completely adorable). We then divided up into groups, with my group heading out to play capture the flag with the kids. We had a lot of fun, and so did they, and then we ate lunch with them before doing a bunch of cleaning, both in the neighborhood and in the school. Finally, we had a mini-session debriefing at the school before getting on the bus and going with for their ride home. As soon as we got back to the school, we got back onto our bus, and went straight back to the houses, where we showered up and just became more presentable in general, and then went back over to the girl's place where they had ordered in Thai food. It was pretty good and we had some fun conversations over dinner, and then it was time for one of our Experiential games. For this one, they told us to find the definition of a leader, gave us one hour, and then left 19 teenagers alone in a house in the middle of Kansas City. The next hour proved to be very eventful, with no small amount of arguing, debating, laughing, and ordering chicken nuggets from Burger King. Eventually, all the leaders came back and we spent the rest of the evening talking about the game, how everyone felt the dynamics of such a large group worked, and talking about the day in general, before we went back to our place for sleep.