June 25, 2019 

Kansas City Day 

This morning I got up once again at 6:30am because we had to pack and get everything out of the town houses before breakfast. I successfully got most everything packed, and then went and spent some time outside before breakfast. We had hash browns and eggs for breakfast, and then small group time for an hour where we read the Bible, talked, journaled, and prayed. Afterwards we went to the LCR for a session about our Multicultural self, which was very interesting. We then had a break before going to play a game about different cultures, where we were in groups and told to be different cultures and then interact with the other cultures. It was very fun, very awkward, and very hilarious. Afterwards we went and had lunch, and then brought all of our stuff out to the bus, and took off for Kansas City. We got into the city after about 3 hours, and went to the girls air BNb first, before going to the guys where we got settled before going to a Mexican restaurant which was amazing, and then going to Kalie George's house where she told us all about her story and the school we'd be in tomorrow. Afterwards we had our evening unwind and unpack time back at the girls place, where we then said goodnight and went back to our place for bed. 

Our question tonight, was what in the world makes us angry above everything else? My answer was the lack of mental health awareness and mental health help in lower income communities, and the fact that they don't have access to counselors and mental health experts to help them understand their amazing minds and complex emotions. 

Happy moments with happy people