June 22, 2019 

Road Trip ft. Me 

This morning I had my alarm set for 6am, and despite the huge temptation to sleep in, I forced myself out of bed and finished packing, and then took a shower. After my shower, I packed everything in the car, Dad and I made sure the car was ready for a trip, and then I said goodbye and was out the driveway by 7:00Am. I had my Google Maps guiding me, with the destination set for Tabor College. It said I would be there around 5pm, so I figured there wasn't any point in wasting time and I'd better keep moving. I drove until I got to Watertown South Dakota, and then I stopped at the gas station where I used the bathroom, and then got a tea and can of Pringles. I drove for awhile longer, and then stopped in Sioux Falls for gas. Both the tire air pressure and check engine lights were on, but everything seemed fine, so I just kept driving. I stopped a few times at rest stops for bathroom and stretch breaks, but the closer I got to Nebraska, the sketchier things got. Once I actually got into Nebraska, I didn't stop once until I got to Tabor, because everyone and everything was scary. I got into Kansas, and when I was about 30 miles away from Tabor, the low gas warning light turned on, but I was getting almost 40 miles to the gallon so I wasn't too worried. I went to Zach and Leah's house where all the leaders were and had homemade tacos for dinner with them, and then afterwards Mike brought me over to the fancy student housing where I'm staying. Everything is really fancy, and so I worked on my computer for a bit and watched TV before showering up and going to bed. Two guys are coming in from California tonight so I'll probably wake up when they get here, but not sure when that'll be as there is a very large storm moving through the area, and I was lucky that I got here as soon as I did or it would be very difficult driving. 

The view from my porch (featuring my car under the tree)