June 15, 2019 

Late Night Flights 

I tried to sleep in longer today, but is difficult as we are still on the time of Honduras. Jana, Tevia, Dad, and myself all went out to the beach and they went swimming while I just went for a walk and sat and appreciated the view, as I might never see it again. Around 7:30 we went back and packed up at the hotel, and then Alex came and picked us up. We loaded up, checked out of the hotel, and made our way to the airport, stopping to take a picture and get one last traditional Honduran meal at a gas station. We got to the airport and unloaded, and then Alex gave us all goodbye hugs and then we went inside. We got checked in and through security without any problems, and the staff was extremely helpful (the lady checking my passport even wished me a happy birthday). Then we started waiting. Our flight had been delayed by a bit, so we had some nachos for lunch, and then as soon as the flight came in we went outside and got on. There was a lot of storm activity in the area, so it was a pretty rough flight, but we eventually made it back to Miami where we rushed off the plane, through customs, through the TSA checkpoint, and just only made our connection to Chicago by one minute. We got on the plane and then once we got out to the runway, we were alerted that we couldn't take off for about another half hour because of storms. Thankfully, the storms cleared quickly and we were able to take off after about 5 minutes of waiting, although it was another rough ride to Chicago. We got to Chicago around 10:30, went and found our bags, and then after a long walk, found a bus to our parking lot and were once again in the car. We got out of Chicago as quick as possible, and then stopped at a Denny's about an hour down the road for a midnight dinner. After we were all full, we drove the rest of the way to Jen and Davin's and fell into bed. 

The view from my early morning walk on the beach

Dad and the girls going for one last swim

Us at the Roatan sign 

Some beautiful storm clouds coming into Miami