June 13, 2019 

Last Day 

This morning I wasn't able to sleep in because of some painful cramps in my belly. After I got up, I got cleaned up and had breakfast with Mom before she went to the hospital, and then I listened to some music while I cleaned up. Dad, Jana, Tevia, and myself all had a little devotion time. Afterwards, I went out and got the painting stuff ready, and got to work. It was long, hot, hard work, but Dad came out and helped and we were able to get it finished by about 1:30. After we finished, we cleaned everything up and then went inside and had a bite to eat before Dr. Jason came over and picked us all up to go swimming again. It was about a 30 minute drive, where then we walked about 5 minutes to go cliff diving. It was really fun, even though I only jumped off the 20ish foot ledge, and not the really tall 40 foot one. Afterwards, we went back to the hospital where Anthony and I went over and practiced with Caroline as we were leading worship at church tonight. We started around 6:15 and it went well, and then afterwards we went back and hung out at the hotel as we were leaving at 7ish in the morning. Went to bed around 10. 

Dad painting