June 12, 2019 

More and More Rain 

We got up this morning and it was an absolutely beautiful morning. I slept in a while longer than some of the other days, and then got up and tried to figure out what to do. I mostly just sat around and watched YouTube that morning, and then later in the morning I went out and did some more painting. I went inside after awhile and had some lunch, and then sat around with Dad for awhile longer before going out to paint once again. In the middle of painting, it started pouring. I sat and watched the rain for awhile, and then went back to the apartment and talked with everyone. The rain let up for awhile, and so Dad and I thought we would go for a walk, but we only made it about half way up the mountain before it started pouring again. We found shelter under a garage for awhile, and then made a run for it back down the hill. At 6, one of the doctors (Isaac) came and picked us up and brought us up to their house where we had Little Ceaser's pizza for dinner, and then we entertained their 4 and 6 year old while Mom and Dad talked to them. Finally we walked back down to the apartment and went to sleep.

A little garage we found