June 11, 2019 

Guitar Class 

I didn't get to sleep in quite as long today because Jana and Tevia were both here all day as well as me. I ended up going to the morning matience crew chapel service with Dad at 7am, and then came back and had a bit of breakfast. Caroline said that she was going to come over and we'd prepare for the worship service that we're leading on Thursday night, and so I painted a bit until about 9:30, and then went and waited for her. She came over to the hotel around 10:15 and we sat and talked and played guitar until around 11:45, getting ready for Thursday. At noon, Jana and Tevia both went over to the hospital restaurant to have lunch with Anthony and Joel, but I stayed back and tried to eat some of the leftovers that we have, as there is quite an abundance of food at our apartment. I had a few sandwiches, rested for a little while, and then went out and continued painting. Anthony came over around 3:30 and talked to me while I painted. It started raining all of a sudden, and was what we would probably consider a flash flood in the States except it is pretty normal here and doesn't flood. That went on for about 45 minutes, but I was under an eve so I just kept painting and watching the rain. After I finished up my painting for the day, I went over to the hotel again and talked with Dad and practiced guitar for a few hours, and then we had dinner with pretty much anyone who was around. After dinner, Dr. Jason and Caroline stopped by and picked me up and we went down to the children's home for their weekly guitar class. They both teach, and it was a very interesting experience. The guitars are not in the best shape, as they don't clean them or change the strings unless they break (to the point where the strings are rusty and almost dangerous). However, it is understandable as they don't have the financial support to be replacing strings every three months on 5 different guitars. Afterwards, they dropped me back off at the hotel and I went up to our apartment where I showered and went to bed. 

Dad walking across the bridge