June 10, 2019 

Boring Monday 

I didn't really feel like getting up as early this morning, so ended up staying in bed until around 7:15. It was really quite nice to stay in bed, even if I wasn't really sleeping at all. After I got up, I had some water to make sure I was hydrated, and then went outside and finished up some of the painting from Friday on the building across the parking lot, just doing some trim. I got done with that around 8:30, so then I just spent some quality time working on projects that I haven't had time to do lately (gotta love the fact that all my computers sync with my phone so I can work anywhere) and then went and cleaned the apartment. Dad came back from working slightly after I finished cleaning, and so we had lunch together, and then Mom came over from the hospital as well and stayed and talked until around 1. Once they both left, I did some more cleaning, boiled some eggs, cleaned the apartment kitchen again, worked on more stuff on my phone, practiced music, and then spent some time talking with the other people staying at the hospital hotel. After awhile, it started raining, but it was really weird because it was super sunny while pouring at the same time. We watched the rain for awhile, and then Dr. Jason came down and gave us all a ride up to his house where we had Salsa Chicken that he had made. Mom and Dad were a bit nervous as Jana and Tevia had gone to La Ceiba today with the bilingual school to see Aladdin and were not back yet, but I got a text from one of the people that they had gone with that they were almost back, so ran down to the hospital gate to meet them, and then talked with them for awhile before Facetiming Hope for about an hour, and then taking a shower and going to bed. 

Dr. Jason played us a song on guitar before we ate at his house