June 09, 2019 

Spanish Church 

This morning I slept in more than I have any other day. Mom was the only one at the apartment when I woke up (Jana and Tevia have their own studio apartment) as Dad took a 3am - 8 shift in the hospital nursing. Mom has been on call the last two nights which has been rough for her, but she's fine I think. I got up and had a bite to eat, and then we all walked over to the on-campus church for the 8:30 service. It was all in Spanish, so even though we knew some of the songs, everything else was pretty confusing, as while I can pick up little bits, it's not enough to really understand the overall idea. It got over quite early, around 10:30, so we came back to the apartment and hung around. I played guitar for awhile, lost to Josh in a game of Scrabble, and then worked on my journal for awhile, and everyone else went down to the beach in the meantime. The days get to be quite long when you're not doing anything, so we had a family meeting during the day during which we talked about the trip and all the different emails we've received from people back home. The monkeys are quite active and make a very loud sound, similar to a lion roaring. It is a different experience for sure. This past week was pretty tough but I think once we get past tomorrow, time will just fly by as we have things planned for every other day. 

Jana and Tevia walking back from the beach